Understanding Business


Understanding Business is a foundations course for the Small Business Development Career Pathway. It is also appropriated for students enrolled in any Career Pathway who plan to own and operate their own businesses.

The course will help students build a strong knowledge base and develop management skills as they study forms of business ownership, functions of management, budgeting and finance, technology, communications, legislation, leadership and teamwork, marketing, and economics. 

Mastery of these standards through project-based learning and leadership development activities of the Career and Technical Student Organizations will help prepare students with a competitive edge for the global marketplace.

The aim of the course is to:

  • Describe the basic component of business activities
  • Describe ethical behavior and social responsibility in the business environment
  • Analyze the operation of running a small business
  • Identify attributes of successful entrepreneurs and causes of business failures
  • Describe traditional and contemporary motivation theories
  • Explain quality standards and what businesses are doing to meet those standards

After learning this course, students will be able to:

  • Understanding of global issues in a business context and the non-market environment of business
  • Demonstrate command of business fundamentals and understanding of the role of innovation in creating better products, services, or processes.
  • Ability to solve business problems by acquiring, interpreting, and synthesizing business activities
  • Show an understanding of sustainability practices and how businesses maximize shareholder value over the long run with leaders who are innovative and who manage interactions across the economic, social, environmental, and political spheres
  • Understanding of the role of innovation in creating better products, services, or processes.


All students are expected to read the assigned chapters in the text or any material before class. The class schedule and a list of the assigned readings follow the grading policy. As the semester progresses, I will supplement more handouts that are to be read prior to every class or discussion.

If you miss class some interesting things may also slip away. Students also have to read and research for their homework or assignments.  Plan yourself and time carefully from the very beginning of the course before you countering read shocks or frightening.


All students are required to do the homework assigned by instructors. During the whole semester, students have to do at least 10 homework as part of their course assessment.  You can download all homework in one file or  by chapter as shown below:

Homework 1 Homework 2 | Homework 3  | Homework 4  | Homework 5 |

| Homework 6Homework 7 | Homework 8Homework 9  | Homwork 10 |

Preparation for Test-A | Preparation for Test-B | Preparation for Test-C 

Deadline of the submission will be set by instructor.


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