Legal and Business

business laws

This course, Legal and Business (LA205), focuses on the establishment of a business, and hot issues of business at present both local and international such as business environments, investment climates and SME.  

This course also reviews important principles in business law.  Furthermore, it will focus on the business ethics and environment that can make the students have an in-depth knowledge on how to run a business legally and successfully.

After studying this course, students will be able to:

  • Be familiar with important principles of business law and business issues
  • Understand the principles of doing a business, business environment, investment climate, and business activities
  • Know how to run a business legally and successfully
  • Understand about the Small and Medium Enterprise and Economic development
  • Understand the principles of business contract and statute of a company
  • Understand the forms of business
  • Understand about the procedures of commercial registration

Course Outlines: 

Chapter 1: Doing a Business in Cambodia
Chapter 2: Business Environment
Chapter 3: Investment Climate
Chapter 4: Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
Chapter 6: Business Activities
Chapter 7: Businessman
Chapter 8: Commercial Transactions
Chapter 9: Forms of business, Establishment
Chapter 10: The procedures and formalities of Commercial Registration

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