Microsoft Office Excel

ExcelCourse Description and Goals

Microsoft Excel is an exciting spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel is the easiest and most popular program because of its tie-in to the web and other Microsoft Office programs, so this program is lectured in the course of COM212 which the students need to complete it. After studying this course of COM212, students can use their knowledge of Microsoft Excel in the variety of purposes; moreover, students can also create intuitive graphic by their own because so many Excel users work with Excel in the office, issues relating to computer networks and work groups are identified and discussed in the chapters.

Course Requirements


  • DCAAA (By the Mekong School of Computer Information Technology)


  • Office XP: A Comprehensive Approach, Core

Students are expected to complete assigned chapters in the text or any material before class. The class schedule and a list of the assigned reading follow the grading policy.

Supplementary Materials: Other computer books are recommended to read but not required for this course.


All students are expected to read the assigned chapters in the text or any material before class. The class schedule and a list of the assigned readings follow the grading policy. As the semester progresses, I will supplement more handouts that are to be read prior to every class or discussion. If you miss class some interesting things may also slip away. Students also have to read and research for their homework or assignments. Plan yourself and time carefully from the very beginning of the course before you countering read shocks or frightening.

Contact hours and teaching methods:

COM212 course is full time and normally consists of 48 contact hours over the sixteenth-week period, taking the form of 32 hours of lectures and 16 hours of tutorial classes.

  • The lecture will occupy two hour per week in which all participants for this subject, of each session, attend on a course as a single group.
  • Small class groups supplement tutorials in which they have an opportunity to work through problem sets, case studies, presentation and /or discuss seminar papers.

 Grading P

Your course grade will be based on a total of 100 possible points:

  • Your total grade will be based on your performance in homework/ assignment, quizzes, class participation and exams.
  • There will be no makeup exams. An unexcused absence from an exam will be counted as a failure for that exam. Two unexcused absences from exams will be counted as a failure for the course.
  • The final exam takes the form of two-hours and closed book exam, unless otherwise specified by the instructor, in which will be held in week 18th. However the specified date for this exam will be notified later.
  • The Midterm exam will be held in one hour basis and in your regular class during the Week 7 or 8.
  • Performance on quizzes, as well as your contributions to daily dialogue in class, will be factored into your class participation grade. They will also be used to check class attendance.

Click here for Practice Exercise

Course Outline and Schedule:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

• How to Open Excel Program
• How to Exit Excel Program
• Introducing to Excel Screen
• How to Save Worksheet
• How to Open Worksheet
• Workbook and Worksheet
• How to close Worksheet, Workbook

Lesson 2: Preparing Data and Worksheet

• How to move Cell Pointer
• How to Select Data
• Entering Data
• How to Edit Data
• How to insert Worksheet
• How to delete Worksheet
• How to Rename Sheet
• How to Move Sheet

Lesson 3: Editing Cell Content

• How to Formatting Rows
• How to Formatting Columns
• Alignment
• How to make Border
• How to change Font and Size
• Auto Format
• Cells and Data
• Format Number

Lesson 4: Using Functions for Calculating

• Addition formula (+)
• Subtraction formula (-)
• Multiplication formula (*)
• Division formula (/)
• AVERAGE Function
• MAX Function
• MIN Function
• SQRT Function
• EXP Function
• FACT Function
• LOG Function
• RANK Function
• SUMIF Function
• COUNT Function
• COUNTIF Function
• IF Function

Lesson 5: Using Chart, Header and Footer, and Print

• Chart
• Page Set Up and Margin
• Header and Footer
• Print Preview
• Print

Lesson 6: IF, OR and AND Function

• IF Function
• Nested IF Function
• Nested IF and SUMIF Function
• AND Function
• Nested of IF,AND Functions
• OR Function
• Nested of IF, OR Function
• Nested of IF, AND, OR Function

Lesson 7: LOOKUP Function

• VLOOKUP Function (Vertical Lookup)
• Nested of IF and VLOOKUP Function
• Nested of IF, AND, VLOOKUP Function
• HLOOKUP Function (Horizontal Lookup)

Lesson 8: TEXT Function

• EXACT Function
• LEN Function
• RIGHT Function
• LEFT Function
• MID Function
• UPPER Function
• LOWER Function
• TRIM Function
• SEARCH Function
• REPLACE Function
• INT Function
• ROUNDDOWN Function
• ROUNDUP Function

Lesson 9: Using Scenarios, Validation, & Goal Seek

• Use the Solver to Manipulate Two or More Value

Lesson 10: DATE Function

• DAY Function
• MONTH Function
• YEAR Function
• DAYS360 Function
• TODAY Function
• NOW Function
• HOUR Function
• MINUTE Function
• DATE Function
• Nested of IF and DAYS360 Function
• Nested of IF, HOUR, and MINUTE Function Quiz4

Lesson 11: Calculating Data with Database Function


Lesson 12: Additional Tool in Microsoft Excel

• Creating a Macro
• Protect Sheet
• Protect Workbook

The End of the Course


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