MS Office Specialist Excel 2013 Q&A 1-4


Question 1:

  1. Edit the formula in Cell M5 so that it check correctly the value in Quarter 2 Column against the Q2 Quata column and show when quota meet.
  2. Set the margin in the following specifications:
    • 1.25” (3.2 cm) top and bottom
    • 1.2” (3cm) Left and Right
    • 0.05” (0.1cm) header and footer

Question 2:

  1. Check the documents for personal information. Remove only the Comments and document Properties. Close the dialog box when you finished.
  2. In the Summary worksheet, copy the cell range E3:E6 and paste only the values into Cell range B6:B9

Question 3:

  1. In the Sales worksheet, Change the hyperlink in the merged cell I1:K2 so that its link to cell A1 at Budget Worksheet.
  2. In the Budget Worksheet, Scale the charts so that it is 120% of Height and Width.

Question 4:

  1. In the Sales Worksheet, edit the formula in Cell E5 so that the formula automatically maintains the correct cell references when copied through Cell E9. Copy the formula through Cell E9.
  2. Copy the entire Sales Worksheet in the Product Categories.xlsx Workbook and insert in between the Sales and Goals Worksheet in the Sales Results.xlsx workbook.

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